White Elephant Studios


White Elephant Studios highlights the collective works by me, Toua Thao.  Spanning ten plus years of graphic design industry experience. My process of capturing the wild imaginations of my clients desires, ambitions, and image.  Through creating real world visuals and interactive experiences I can provide the best solutions for your visual and interactive needs.



• Corporate Identity formulation and development

• Web Site Design

• Signage & Way Finding

• Vehicle Wraps

• Business collateral

• Conceptual art

• If you can draw it down on a napkin, we can bring it to life...even if that napkin is imaginary."




As a child, my creativity was always challenging the boundaries of my imagination.  Early morning cartoons followed by afternoons spent inking my favorite characters: spaceships, dragons, warriors, knights, monsters, and many others child like wonders.  Library books I would check out included “How To Draw”, Science Fiction novels, and Greek Mythology.  Reading and drawing comic books became addictive hobbies.  Elementary school essays where riddled with my trademark of colorful artwork titles and doodles.  This early love and passion for drawing became my foundation for learning the language of graphic designing.  Structure, discipline, and education became the last necessary ingredients from a wonderful California State University of Sacramento’s Graphic Design program; were I received my Bachelor of Science degree.


Being a visual communicator has blessed me with the ability to help assist those who may have incredible vision but lack the know how to give life to their ideas. I find it very rewarding when creative visual connections with clients can be made.


When I’m not designing, I'm active in my community: running a non-profit, Co-Ed, Adult basketball league.  I keep physically active: going to the gym, playing basketball, softball, and, of course,  even video games on my X-Box 360 or Play Station.



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